Mystic Midnight Painting

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Mystic Midnight

I’m pretty happy with how this spray painting turned out. Notice that there isn’t any sign of life . . . no boat, no bird, no dragon, no human. Usually it’s a good idea to add some kind of life to a painting, but I think the quiet solitude works for this one.

I also cut off the bottom part of the image. Sometimes you can still use a painting even if you’re not happy with a small part of it. Just cut it off.

If you like this painting it’s available to purchase on many products at My 2 favorites are the spiral notebook and the tote bag.




Is my Dremel 4000 Broken?

tim taylor wrench

I think it might be. I checked the brushes, which seemed ok. I removed the EZ Twist Nose cap to clean out any saw dust. I kinda messed around with the tool for a bit then I plugged it in and tried the power again . . . It worked! I began carving on my Tiger and after about 10 minutes the motor quit again. The Dremel didn’t feel especially warm and all of the vents were clear. I’ve had zero problems up until now. Hmm, I wonder . . .

tim taylor consults wilson I checked online and I found a few people who have experienced this same problem. I found this website with a pretty good review. According the reviewer the motor is the biggest problem with the Dremel. I’m still within the 2 year warranty so I better get to it. If you plan to purchase this tool I suggest you keep your receipt and packaging just in case.

more power

Also, remember it’s not a commercial tool . . . so it requires frequent breaks while in use. Make sure you don’t put extra pressure on the Dremel while you’re using it. On some of the harder parts of the wood, I might have pressed harder instead of just allowing the tool to do the work.

tim taylor cryingAny Dremel 4000 owners know what’s up? Losing a tool is like losing a loved one . . . except you usually don’t have a warranty option.