Blog Update

growling dog (1 of 1)

I can’t believe I’ve ignored my blog for so long. I want to thank everyone who has visited while I’ve been away. I took a little break from photography, but it’s time to get back to work.

One reason I’ve been away is because I made a new friend last April and in October we started working on a project together. I was very excited and inspired, and put my time and effort into that.

But now, It’s time to do both. My goal for Hidden in Plain View, is to do at least two posts per month. If I’m able, I’d love to post more than two a month. I’d like to start talking about art and art history more. And I’d like to put more of a focus on my documentary series on Nacogdoches, The Oldest Town in Texas.

I began that project my senior year of college, and I enjoyed it so much, I just kept working on it.

The photo of the growling dog was taken at my neighbor’s house. He looks vicious, but he was very sweet. If anyone has a favorite artist they’d like to read about or any art subject, just let me know in the comments. And thanks for stopping by!


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