Go Go Power Rangers


Growing up I absolutely loved the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I never missed an episode. After I finished watching the rangers morph into their dinosaur and save planet Earth, I zoomed outside to play Power Rangers with my buddies.

My best friend Jacob, his younger brother Jeremy, their even younger brother “Fats” and I ran wildly around our yards imitating our favorite Rangers.

power rangers pinkSince I’m a girl, I was always either the pink ranger or the yellow ranger . . . depending on if there was another girl joining and I had to share. My favorite was the pink ranger, Kimberly.

She was a valley girl who was, like y’know, graceful and smart. (I identified with a sarcastic witty girl who could save the world.)

power rangers posing

Then the boys decided which ranger they would be (which always resulted in a fight for Tommy, the green ranger AKA the white ranger. Yes, he was both.)


Then, running all over the place, climbing fences, and jumping down to defeat the evil Rita Repulsa, we perfected our tornado kicks and our blocks. We always had hours and hours of fun playing our awesome game based on this campy and wonderful show.

Not only did they kick some alien butt, but they also taught us valuable lessons on how to be a ninja. Martial arts is not about beating people up.

I’m glad The Daily Buzz took me down memory lane this morning with Lance’s giddy-like-a-six-year-old report about the newest version called Power Rangers Samurai.

Can you believe this show started in 1993 and is still going strong? I sure can!

new power rangers samurai

I’m gonna go watch some Power Rangers! How ’bout you?