TV Shows to Binge . . .  TV Shows to Savor

claire huxtable
The Cosby Show, Claire telling her son in law off

Before the Internet made our tv shows available anytime, anywhere, anyhow, we were forced to wait for it to air or wait to rent it at the video store. Put through torture by the dreadful cliffhangers that caused fans to yell out in anger all across the country because we’d have to wait for months between episodes and seasons to see what will happen.

I like that we have both options because I love tv and and I work a lot of shows into my schedule. Like a deliciously prepared meal, some shows must be savored slowly so that you can fully appreciate it. Other shows I just don’t care how good or bad it is, I’m binging.

To Binge or To Savor … That is the Question

Stay tuned for my personal opinion of Binge worthy shows and Savor worthy shows. I’ll start with Shameless because that’s what I’m currently taking a mini binge break from. I sprained my ankle pretty badly Monday night and I spent all of yesterday watching season 8 of Shameless.

What’s really crazy is I sprained the exact same ankle on the exact same day 15 years ago . . . Whoa . . .

whoa joey blossom.gif
Joey Lawrence from Blossom . . . famous Whoa quote

So, If you’re a big tv geek like me then this long post is for you.


Shameless – Binge

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I never got around to watching Shameless until about a year ago. I was looking for a new show and decided to give it a shot. I started out at a snail’s pace and only watched one episode at a time and I didn’t watch it often. After I finished the first season, I was hooked and I flew through the next 6 seasons. I was willing to wait for season 8 since it hadn’t even aired yet. But it’s available on Hulu now, and thanks to my generous friend I get to commence binging. I made it to episode 7 last night.

Sons of Anarchy – Savor


This is high quality and must be savored. Each episode pulls me in and when it’s done there’s no way I want to rush through that. I like to think about the story line and heal from the trauma I was put through. The acting and the plot line are well done and they’ve pulled off that biker mentality superbly. With moderate viewing I have made it to season 3 episode 5. I’ve heard that the later seasons aren’t as good, but that’s ok. I’m in for the ride good or bad.

When Calls the Heart – Savor

when calls the heart

I was hesitant with this show. It seemed like it could possibly be good but the description and the picture just didn’t grab me. I finally gave it a shot and am I glad I did. It’s such a calm, relaxing, and happy show. I watch an episode every once in a while because I don’t want to rush through it. It’s a good family show and it’s great for getting the shoulders to go down. The romance between certain characters builds slowly and encourages the viewer to take their time and enjoy the story.

Hart of Dixie – Savor/Binge

hart of dixie
The CW

Another show I was hesitant with. I was a fan of The O.C., a show where a lot of people working on this show came from, so I finally gave Hart of Dixie a chance. It’s classic romance and it’s well done. I love the small town quirkiness and the southern charm of their characters. I savor it because it’s only 4 seasons long, but I also binge at times because I just gotta know who’s gonna be with who. You get the best of both worlds with this one.

Weeds and Trailer Park Boys – Savor

These two shows are short and very captivating and entertaining. Both have a lot of seasons to enjoy and make great filler in between longer shows. Weeds is deceptive because some episodes end with this massive cliffhanger, but I go ahead and wait because I like to enjoy the suspense of finding out what Nancy is gonna do. And Trailer Park Boys is a show I’ve been working on for 7 years. No rush. I’ve even skipped around and repeat watched my favorite episode: season 7 episode 4, the one with Sebastian Bach.

Party of Five – Savor/Binge

party of five
Columbia Pictures Television

I was never interested in this show. I finally gave it a chance recently. It was sorta interesting and I slowly watched the first 3 episodes and then gave up. It just wasn’t captivating my attention. Until I read a well written and thorough review by Vinnieh that changed my mind and talked me into giving the show another chance.

I’m glad I did. I got so hooked on the show that I sped through the first 3 seasons. I started to slow down in season 4 because there was so much to savor. Now, I’m trying to get my mom to watch it because It’s a great show for discussion and worth the time to get to know the characters and see how they grow through the years. I just started season 5 and I’m definitely putting on the breaks and slowing this one down to savor.

The Ranch – Binge

the ranch
Netflix Original

I was a fan of That 70’s Show until I watched it so many times that I can’t stand to watch it anymore. But they’ve given me something new to enjoy in The Ranch. It’s not a great show. I hate how every episode has such a depressing ending. I also think that they’re not taking full advantage of the talent of the actors.

Despite those two complaints, I keep coming back for more. It’s a pretty funny show at times. They’ve got a few lines in every episode that actually make me laugh out loud. I don’t feel like I need to take my time with this one. I just download every episode and binge.

Barry Corbin is in it too and never disappoints. I will say that Ashton Kutcher plays Colt kinda like an older and country Kelso, and his accent isn’t great . . . but he’s really acting his butt off, and I think he’s doing a pretty good job. And for you fans of That 70’s Show, you get to see Red, Kitty, and Fez.

Sherlock  – Binge/and Repeat for Savoring


This show is awesome. Steven Moffat is involved and you can see his influence. I absolutely love Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson. And the guy who plays Moriarty is so freakin’ scary. He’s like a nightmare. I love this show and it’s so funny. I binged the first few seasons and re-watched because it’s a buffet fit for British Royalty.

Doctor Who – Extreme Savor

doctor who

My mom binges this show like nobody’s business. She isn’t really a binge watcher, but she’s got zero self control with this one. I’m the opposite. I watch this show so slowly because, like the Matt Smith Doctor, I don’t like endings. I don’t want to rush through this show and not have anything new available so I go really really slow. One, maybe two episodes every few months when I’m in a Doctor Who mood.

TV . . . For Homework?

While these are not the only shows I am watching, I am going to stop here anyway. For you artists out there, remember that tv isn’t just for entertainment; it’s homework. Study it! You can learn and be inspired from well done television. Pay attention to the directing, the writing, the acting, the set design, the incorporation of the soundtrack, and the lighting.

I’d love to hear which shows you binge and which shows you savor! Do you prefer one method of watching over the other, or do you like having both options depending on the show?