Old Drawings from College

This summer I started decluttering and organizing everything I own. One day I tripped over a stack of sketchbooks and almost broke my neck. When I got back up I noticed I had sketchbooks stored in 4 different places. Suddenly my eyes were opened and I realized everything was outa’ order…the whole trial was outa’ order! 


I’m still not done going through everything, but at least now all my sketchbooks and art supplies are all together and easy to use. As I was going through my artwork I found an old portfolio from college. I looked through it and actually threw away 2 pieces of art that weren’t worth keeping. One was a chili pepper I made out of cut up coke cans. It was falling apart. And another was a process art piece that just wasn’t any good.

The rest of my drawings I kept. I remember being in school so stressed and being my own worst critic, thinking my drawings sucked. But looking back, I realize it wasn’t as bad as I thought at the time. I picked some out to share with you.

These first 2 drawings look a little like mug shots. They were done in one of my early studio drawing classes. We partnered up and drew each other on flimsy newsprint paper. They’re very flat and I remember we were all feeling timid drawing another human from life. I wonder if they still have their flat profile drawing of me. They were drawn a month apart.


This guy modeled for us a lot. I liked drawing him because he could sit very still. It sure didn’t feel like it at the time, but I made a lot of progress in two years. The portrait doesn’t look flat and I have good tonal range.

Self portraits were tough. I’ve always been disciplined about staring at the thing I’m drawing, but staring at a mirror and trying to remember to sit in the same position was so hard. Plus, I’m always lookin’ so intense when I draw. These two self portraits are 6 years apart. The one on the left was drawn at the same time as the 2 flat mug shot drawings. The one on the right was done in 2011. I was feeling a lot more confident in my drawing skills by that point.

I love looking back at my old artwork, seeing my progress, and remembering moments throughout my art journey.