Tree Textures in b&w


Lately I’ve been shooting textures in b&w. I think it was Ansel Adams who believed the beauty of the photograph could only show in a b&w image because it wasn’t competing with color. I love color photography, but there really is so much beauty in b&w photography.


The trees in East Texas have really interesting and strange bark. I think this one is called a Texas Sugarberry.

I love the vines that grow on trees too. They even have hair on them. At least it looks like hair.


I’m going to keep playing around with textures. I think I can come up with some cool images.

What do you like about b&w photography?  Do you think these images would look as good in color or do you think they would lose interest?

My First Spray Painted Jellyfish

My spray paint art teacher says that jellyfish are a really cool and easy subject for spray painting. This is my first jellyfish. I made a lot of mistakes but it was a lot of fun to paint. I love the textures that my materials make. Lot’s of bumps and cracks are perfect for nature and animals.


A good thing to remember is to always keep your palette knife clean! Otherwise old paint will dry and cake up your smooth edge which results in un-wanted textures. That’s why the jellyfish’s tentacles aren’t smooth and believable looking.

Maybe I’ll paint another jellyfish soon, or some other underwater scenes. We’ll see what inspiration brings.